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Greeks and Persians

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Dimitri Nakassis

Monday October 2411Introduction to Greek HistoryD NakassisGreeks and Persians Battle of Marathon490 BCIn 508 BC the athenians appeal to Artaphernes satrap of lydia for aid against Sparta503 BC Artaphernes advises Athenians to take Hippias backit seems Darius would like city states to be ruled by a tyrant aristagoras arrives in athens asking for help athenians pledge 20 ships and eretrians 5he is the start of the ionian revolt498 BC sardis sacked as part of ionian revolt492 BC failed expedition by Mardonius491 BC darius sends heralds demanding earth and waterDarius sends Datis and Artaphernes different one to reduce athens and Eretria to slavesIonian revolt failsPersians go first to Eretria athenians offer 4000 hoplites for their defenseOne of the Eretrian leaders tells athens to go homeSome Eretrians betray the city to PersiansPerians plundered sanctuary and reduced population to slaveryInternal politics often works against citiesPersians sailed coast and on September the 8th 490 landed on beach at MarathonOrganized forces for an easy March inlandAthenians ran army democratically each year they elected 10 generals strategoi who formed committee
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