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Lecture 15

Lecture 15: Civil War

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Glenn Wilkinson

Civil War Julius Caesar’s First Consulship (59 BCE) [Consular Colleague Bibulus]  Caesar was elected consul in 59  Also consul that year was Bibulus, son in law of Cato the Younger  Caesar proposed land distribution opposed that was opposed by Bibulus and Cato the Younger  Caesar was unable to get approval from the senate, making Caesar take his proposal to the tribal council  Riot broke out in the tribal assembly and in the end, Caesar had his proposal put in  Excursus: Clodius, Tribune of the Plebs (58 BCE) o Clodius wanted his status changed from patrician to pleb o Allowed by Caesar and he was elected tribune of the plebs in 58 o Clodius organized street gangs to push legislation o Clodius pushed for a free grain legislation o He harassed cicero and had him placed in exile for his lack of evidence during the Cataline Conspiracy o Pompey formed his own street gang to fight against Clodius o Clodius arranged for Pompey and the consul of 58 to be assaulted  Caesar arranged a 5 year command for himself in Gaul right after the end of his consulship term  Caesar’s actions as consul would have put him under heavy persecution by his opponents  This was a way to avoid prosecution after holding an office st  Being sent for a campaign for more than 1 year was strange before the 1 century State of the First Triumvirate (58-53 BCE)  Clodius was killed in gang violence  Pompey’s gang terrorized Rome  Opposition to the triumvirate intensified through Cato the Younger, who though Caesar was the worst of the triumvirate  In 57, the triumvirate met in Cisalpine Gaul to plan for the future  They decided that Pompey and Crassus would be consuls in 55  Pompey would command in Spain for 5 years, Crassus would command in Syria for 5 years and Caesar’s command in Gaul would be extended  Pompey did not go to Spain personally and instead sent legates and started reconciling
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