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Lecture 14

Lecture 14: Pompey the Great and The First Triumvirate

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Glenn Wilkinson

Pompey the Great and the First Triumvirate Pompey’s background and Early Career  From the Italian elite, but his father was a ‘new man’  His father was a consul in 89 known as the butcher of Asculum and he gained military experience under his father  Served Sulla and had 3 personal legions  In 82-81, he was sent to finish off the remains of Marius and Cinna’s supporters he finished the rest of Marius’s and Cinna’s supporters in Africa  On his return to Rome he demanded a triumph, however, Sulla did not grant him this because it was highly irregular o Pompey was not a magistrate o The only role he performed was to round up citizens and murder them  Pompey persisted with his army and extorted a triumph and Pompey had his triumph granted begrudgingly by Sulla Consulship of Lepidus (78 BCE)  Lepidus was a supporter of Sulla but secretly opposed to him  Elected consul in 78 but Sulla opposed his appointment, however, Lepidus was supported by Pompey  As consul, Lepidus had proposed legislation that reversed much of Sulla’s legislation o The return of Italian lands from Sulla’ veterans o The return of the grain subsidies proposed by Gaius Gracchus o The restoration of the power of the tribune o Proposed a second consulship for himself  The other consul the same year declared war on Lepidus with support from Pompey  Lepidus was defeated and retreated in exile Sertorius in Spain (80-73 BCE)  There was unrest in Spain caused Sertorius, proscribed for being a supporter of Cinna and Marius  After briefly being in Mauretania and defeating the a Roman army, moved to Spain in 80, he gathered allies in Spain in an anti-Sulla alliance  After defeating Lepidus, Pompey used his forces to extort command in Spain  Sertorius was assassinated and betrayed and Pompey managed to defeat the alliance in 73 Spartacus’s Slave Revolt (73-71 BCE) and Consulships of Pompey and Crassus (70 BCE)  While Pompey was mopping up in Spain, Spartacus led a revolt at Mount Vesuvius  Crassus was sent to quell the revolt in 72  Crassus was known to be the richest man in Rome, buy many of the properties of proscribed people at low prices, and sometimes putting rich people on the proscription list to do this  Crassus won a series of victories until in 71, he took 6000 captives and crucifie
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