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Lecture 14

lecture 14

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Victoria Wohl

CLA232 – Lecture 14  Hippo. Tries to explain medicine based on physis but nomos creeps in  Sex=physis, gender=nomos  Works try to focus on sex/biology but influenced by gender  Sex already shaped by nomos/social expectations  Aristotle – Greek living in Athens in 4 century nd  Galen – Greek from Asia Minor, writing in 2 century A.D. (after Roman rule)  Female health = reproductive health, similar to today (ie. In US women’s doctor = OBGYN)  Hysteria caused by wondering womb, continued to 19 century  Male body is norm and female body is the oddity, still continues  Doctors usually male  In texts, male doctors inquiring into female body  Male self = observer, female body = the observed  Women are passive, males creative/active o Ie. 331, both have sperm but female’s are passive and need male sperm to activate  Female’s body strange phenomenon for males  Male writers, writing for male males so use strange metaphors they will understand  Male doctors need females to tell them what’s wrong (bit can’t b/c not rational) and doctors cant proceed as if treating male o Female = exotic specimen  Women ask and advise each other about their sicknesses o Ie. Spontaneous abortion, H. Excited to see embryo, girl jumps up and down, embyo dropped down with clatter, female body = data to H. o H. Also eludes to women saying taht when pregnant the seed stays inside  Hipp. (343) says get women to feel if womb is smooth o Hippo. Cant do it himself b/c respect, no way to reference whether smooth or not  Soranus – wrote training manual for midwifes o Tells how/who good midwife, i.e. long fingers, literate (so can read text), intelligent o Tells how to induce abortion /miscarriage but only if mother’s health at stake not for vanity  Different male vs. Female physiology o Temperature – women colder o Males hard body, females soft o Male is procreative/active one o Same genitals but male outside, females inside – (351) Galen: mole eyes, eyes are useless like female’s imperfect inward genitals, unfortunate for females but good for human race, b/c women cold don’t have heat to push out genitals and don’t burn off all their nutrients so can feed babies  Male and female two
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