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Lecture 10

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Regina Hoeschele

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Lecture 10  Midterm overview  P1 – I word answer/very short  Q. Hellespont? What was the vice?  XerXes, Hurbris  p. 2 – 1 paragraph questions – put as much detail as possible  4 of 5 ( 10 p-each?) 40 total – like questions on website  P3 – essay 1 of 2 questions - 40 points  Very broad statements  you need to narrow it down and make it in your own.  4 criteria  structure of argument – clear thesis, logical  Support and argument – elaboration and tying it  be concise – accurate as possible  clarity, neatness, organized  Ex. Talk about drama in theatre  only 2 tragedy and satyrs  Interplay of Barbarianism in wars, history  In medicine  Aims for objectivity but there are prejudices that are carried into diagnosis, diseases differentiation  Still present today west vs east  Homeopathy  Prejudices with women and their emotions  Cultural biases!  Cultural thought in Greeks and barbarianism medicine by Hippocrates  Practical theory of the two contrasted fields  Hippocrates  5thr century (later half)  Father of greek medicine  Modern Hippocratic Oath  first line „Do not harm!‟  Medicine was a brand new discipline at the time – made a manual? Of sorts.  Before considered a religious method of punishment and solution  Causes and effect  If sick in antiquity  you didn‟t consult a doctor but consulted Delphi  i.e. birth deliverer  Asclepeion temple to seek answer of ailment  consult “snake and priest to find solution”  Hippocrates aimed to strength differentiation of medicine from religion  Epilepsy and considered sacred disease, divinely incurred  H argues Why it is not  Preformed autopsy on a goat‟s brain  Develop a general theory used human fluids as his basis of  Always need to be a balance  A biological medean agon ( nothing in excess)  Tied to the environment  Emphasis on factors:  Wind- directions, etc.  Water  flow, origin, speed, cold, sweet, etc.  Change of seasons variations, none variant  If dry individual as dry  Humid  individual is humid  Balance  individual is balance  Who was it written for?  Possibly for future doctors, his students  Why? Too much details  Possibly for workers  Where to build  what to expect  In Asia minor  know what they are facing  Prognosis for the future  in the environment  Treaty starts what a doctor needs to know  Pursuits (exercise vs lack thereof)  Physical – cultural (approach)  Constantly mixing the two factors  i.e. how much they drink, if it‟s in excess…  Ethnography to a degree – different areas  how they are.  For medical purpose not historical  But desire to know (about others) is still there.  Similar to Herodotus‟ Histories  Saphirias (the amazons myth)  Even though he talks fictional environment  it is still for medicine and through medical eyes  Similar of interest to nomads.  They are „wet‟ people  They burn their skin to drain off their moisture  They may be burning themselves because of cultural social reasons  Yet he ties it to medicine!  Culture and physical are tied together.  Culture is the reason as well as environment for the diseases  Environment glazes over the culture.  Shifts from objective autonomy to subjective evaluation of proportions  Section 4  compares it to the Greeks all the time  Why snake and Asian Minor  Snake  symbol of earth and afterlife  divine animal of sorts  A.M.  a lot of advances in medicine  possibly because of all the
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