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Lecture#7-Greeks and Barbarians

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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

Ernie Tam20120130Lecture 7Greeks and BarbariansOne very important way in which the Greeks defined themselves was against non Greeks We may be different from Corinthians but we are more similar to those people than the Persians These differences united all the different cities oLike in Canada there are differences between Ontarians and Newfoundlanders We are however more similar to one another than say the US The foreigner who defined the Greeks as Greeks Then the question becomes what defined the foreigner fundamental question httpwwwliviusorghehgherodotuslogos101htm httpwwwmcgoodwinnetpagesotherbooksherodotushtmlGeography Part of Asia closest to Greek is importantAsia and Greek divided by body of water called Hellespont crossing it was very dangerous Geography Asia vs Europe was a major way of telling whether or not you were a barbarianAlong Asian minor there were Greeks living since the beginning called the Ionians archaic periodlots of colonization and needed more land to feed these families These colonies were sent to Asian minor oAlong the side o the Asian side there were Greek Ionians living Source of trouble and marked the beginning of Persian war Language Barbaroi barbarian when they speak the Greeks thought the barbarians Persians were speaking barb barb barbLinguistic differences Cultural GreeksFood clothing Religion governmental structure Mattered the most in determining the difference between Greeks and others
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