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Lecture#8-Herodotus Book 1 Sections 94-216

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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

Ernie Tam 20120201Lecture8Herodotus Book 1 Sections 94216y Cultural conflict and cultural differencesDifferences often lead to conflict as demonstrated in Persian Wary Ethnos a word for culture Looking at all the different cultural groupsPersians etc y Cultural differences result in war and manifests itself in wary Mission statement in Book 1 Section 1Astonishing achievements between Barbados and Hellenistso History of Persian Wars and spends the first 350 pages telling us about the different cultures involved We learn about all the cultures of the Greeks and all those involvedy Books 59History of the war Inseparable bc part of his thesis in this history as a whole is that culture both causes and explains wars and wars can reveal something about culture intermeshedy Subtlety in the description of Barbarians and the relations to Greekso Tries to see Persians on their own termso He tries to see each culture through their own eyes and see the Greeks through the eyes of the other radical ideaBackground of Greeks and Persiansy Dark Ages Greeks culture had shrunk no trade and it seemed like Asia came out of the Dark Ages earlier y In the Archaic period Greek looked to Asia as an exemplar for culture Greek was not wealthy in minerals and gemssaw Asia with wealth and looked to Asia for cultural development as welly Greeks looked up to Persians as a cultural modely The Aristocrats imitated Persians way of dressing for aristocratsy Elite practices Elite Greek borrow Persian more Asian institution of drinking in the Symposiumy All of the things that have been positive in the Archaic period was negative in Classical periodClassical Eray Greeks changed their tone and saw that Persians were inferior ruled by tyrants slaves and were not to be emulatedy Stereotypical expression from the classic period Eurymedon Vase exemplified this o Called this bc it has an inscription in Greek I am Eurymedon and I stand bent over The battle of Eurymedon talks about how Greece defeats Persian finally on the left Greek Represents themselves naked bc he is MASCULINE we have nothing to hideWhat you see is what you get MANLY On the right is the Persian spotted pants
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