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The Persian Wars

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Victoria Wohl

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CLA232H1Monday January 30 2012Greece was a collection of Polis and their primary identity was within the Poli What is it that makes us a nation and makes us GreekLanguage though they possessed different accents similar to Newfoundland english Panhellenic Institutions such as Delphi or the Ancient Greek Olympics Against NonGreeks their logic was that they may be different from other Polis but they were surely not Persians It is the foreigner that defined the Greeks as Greeks but what defined the foreigner Geography Asia and Greece were divided by Hellespont and those who attmepted to cross it for the wrong reasons suffered Ionians were people who were sent out in colonies and these in particular lived in Asia Minor of the Asian side of the Hellespont Barbaroi which were what all nonGreek speakers Lingustic differences such as the Cultural were the differences that truly defined the Greeks from the otherGenos is the descent from the line you derived from To the greeks what really defined a Genos was the cultural difference The idea of the Polis comes from Asia as was the idea of the written language However all of htese ideas were less cut and dry than the Greeks hoped they had be this is why the Greeks had to keep defining what it was to be Greek The Persian Wars 490480 BCEThe persians were nonGreeks yes but in some senses
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