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CLA232 Lecture 3

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Victoria Wohl

CLA232 Lecture 3 Jan 16 2012Gods and MortalsThere are lots of myths about mortals who were so exquisite they could rival GodsEx AchillesWarrior ArachneWeaver who challenged Athena and was turned into a spider Helen and Aphrodite But Gods always prevailGodsDont have bloodThey consume nectar and ambrosiaThey are Athanatoi immortal Humans thnatoi mortalEos Goddess of the dawn Fell in love with a humanTithonusAsked Zeus for a favourto give him eternal lifeBut she forgot to ask for eternal youthEventually he gets so old he becomes a dried out little voiceGods have human emotions and desires and are often invested in human affairs but they do not suffer from them Ex Sarpedonson of Zeus and a human woman Zeus and the gods are watching a great battle and Sarpedon is about to be killed Zeus wants to save him but Hera says If you do we will all save our favourites We all have someone we care aboutHe does not save Sarpedon but hes deeply saddened by his death The gods can be very self interested but when it comes to the big picture they overcome self interest Although the gods can enforce morality they arent necessarily moral Gods are to be admired by not emulated Ethics and morality are humanXenophanescriticizes the anthropomorphism of Greek religion He says we are projecting ourselves onto the godsProtagorasMan is the measure of all things meaning man measure everything against himselfTheogony Birth of the godsPoem starts with nothing and name by name it populates the universe It is extremely detailed Why
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