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Lecture#10-Barbarians and Greeks

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Victoria Wohl

20120208Lecture10Barbarians and Greeks medicineMain Outline of LectureAims at the objective and also reflects the prejudice of society Medicine aims to be objective but also reflects social prejudice women are diagnosed more frequently than men with mental disorders reflects the idea of women being more sensitive and more emotional Cultural prejudice is reflected in medical practiceDoctors are people who grew up in culture Despite their goal of objectivity it seeps into their practices The reading of Hippocrates reflected Greek contemporary thought and how it was thought of scientificallyMedicine as a lens on this relationship Have serious consequences for daily life The kind of care that one gets medical care shapes the way how we view our body longevity everyday health etcthHippocrates 5 BCE Contemporary and same time as HerodotusFather of Greek Medicine first doctor in Western SocietyHippocratic Oath First Clause of Hippocratic OathFirst do no harm oWrote an oath that his followers swore Clauses about abortion honesty dealing with patientsoLess modern aspect if you go to a mans house do not mess with slavestalk to wives Writing at a time when medicine was starting to be a discipline At the time medicine was a sub category of religion and so if you felt ill your first guess is that you had angered the Gods you would go to the Oracle what god I had irritated and how to get around it Divine causes was blamed first Nonmedical conditions were lumped into medicine oLove is described as diseaseoPassion for the wrong person loving someone wrong animal
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