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Victoria Wohl

thMonday March 5 2012 Anatomy on sexGender is always creeping in Trying to find a fusis that underlines gender That fusis is always influenced by nomos always influenced by nomosSex may always already be genderWhen they are talking about sex they always see it in the eyes of nomos or gender When we try to understand human body it comes from genderRight side of the body is hotter than the right sideWomen are colder meaning they are less perfect than menHypocrites father of medicineAristotle a philosopherGalen is a Greek author writing in second century CE Women are reproductive machines and when something breaks thats when medicine kicks in Women are patients and all the doctors are men is the normMale self as observer and the female patient as the other The self is the observer and the other is the object of observation Female as passive and male as creative Both male and women have semen but men semen is active and creative and female is matter it needs male to activate itWomen semen cant do anything with itself its waiting to be fertilized by a seed Male semen active force Trying to explain female experience in way males will understand H
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