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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

Monday March 19 2012 Solons economic forms were for political equalityThese elites in masses were distinguished by the masses from their superior birth They could trace their birth down to famous godsAll the Athenians think of themselves as elite because they are born from the landThought of themselves as elite by fuses but some were more elite than others Also superior by wealth as wellWithin these democracies huge disparities in wealth and also there is an elite of educationIf you are poor born but your country has an elite education system you can become rich Public education is huge to overcome economic inequalityPolitical power came from being able to speak will in front of the demos and persuasive them of your point of viewElite of wealth birth and education The elite would become the rulers of Athens there was this fearThe fear that Athens would be an oligarchy oligoiThey institute equality of property and sex and institute it through the lawPolitical equality is jeopardized if you do not have economic equalityEvery single individual in Athens represented himself a direct democracyTo make sure political equality was maintained even in economic inequalityThe two things that guaranteed this wasRotation of office every single office las
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