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Victoria Wohl

Wednesday February 1 2012 The difference between Greek and the Persian other is how they define their happinessFor the Persian prince it is his power and wealthFor the Greek it is for family humility a beautiful death a strong polisThese are the differences that lead to the Persian warCyrus the Asian learns about the wisdom of the greeks Today difference between culture difference and contactEthnos is a word for a cultural groupThese cultural differences bring warCulture and war are divided but also intertwinedCulture both causes and explains warHerodotus tries to see the Persians through their own eyes and see the greeks through the eyes of the other Greeks didnt have much cultural production during the arcaic periodThey looked at asia as rich and cultural attainment The greeks looked up to the PersiansThe aristocratic greeks followed the Persians and dressed up as themThey were boring some of their cultural attributes from the Persian If the Greek wants to be presitage they would go drink in a symposiumAfter the Persian wars it should everything the greeks werent the anti GreekThe greeks look at the Persians at weak and soft but these were the g
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