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January 10th Lecture

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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria Wohl

CLA232H1 January 10th 2011 Intro to Greek Culture and Society - Barbarians drank beer and unmixed wine considered wrong by the Greeks - Greeks drank only wine mixed with water, didnt get totally drunk and only drank socially - ALTERITY: the relationship between the self and the other - alterity can give false or simplistic views of the other, give rise to zenophobia, the fear of the other, or misogeny, the hatred of women - there are moments in Greek history where they do try and understand the others, or barbarians - Greece: got tin from Italy, wheat from Egypt, wood from Macedon, and they also got cultural interactions with the people they considered barbarians - Greeks depended on the sea for food, and their power; whoever controlled the Aegean and the Mediterranean controlled the trade, etc. - Athens had the biggest navy, and were thus the most powerful city - only 20% - 30% of Greek land was arable, very mountainous; staples were barley, olives, and grapes, which could all be grown without much land - communication was difficult, cities form in mountain valleys, so roads were difficult to build impeded Greeces development - the cities formed in the mountain valleys were kingdoms, and each kingdom shared the same language and religion, but their loyalty and
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