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Victoria Wohl

Initially, there was much exchange between Persians and Greeks, respect between the cultures. After the Persian Wars, however, the Greeks perceived the Persians as cartoonishly bad. Herodotus is not an Athenian (though there is an Athenian bias in his writing). We think he was half Persian, half Greek. While Herodotus is culturally Greek, and gives us a Greek perspective of Greek culture, he retains an outside perspective on Greece (he lived in Asia Minor). Herodotus Autopsy (Seeing For Himself) Herodotus gives his story using Greece as the yardstick for normalcy. He talks at length about Egypt, for example, because the Egyptians seem to have reversed the ordinary practices of mankind (meaning Greeks). After he represents the other culture as the polar opposite of Greeks (alterity), he goes on to develop a long argument that the Egyptians and Greeks were similar in certain ways as well (argues that Greeks got gods from Egyptians). Herodotus Working Method: custom is king. He examines other cultures reflexively; he shows that the Persians see the Greeks as wacky... exactly as the Greeks see the Persians. Croesus learns the story of Pisistratus: tyrant who used a bizarre trick to re-insert himself as
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