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Lecture 18

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Cla233 – lecture 17 (the Britons) - The romans work with minemal imperial administration, total administrators in rome is 10 000 (tiny), use roman military force (legions) to back up poilitical system. Local elites in conquered empire do most of the actual adminisatrion, don’t really envelop themselves - Big protection racket, romans collaborate with rcich to extract revenue form poor in form of taxation - Only really needed symbols of loyalty and tax for army - Elites blanace by keeping roman governor away, then they run show so that both them and rome get the cut. - Greek was main lanuga efor beurocracy in empire for first half - System is borrowed frorm previous sates, don’t like changing stuff unless they half too. Functioned like the old kingdoms after alexander, tax went towards roman army not their old army - What romans do is borrowed from pre existing kindgoms in east and use towards “wild west” - Admin and civilization is based on city for rome, were no substantial cities in west until romans came - Special grant of emperor could give elites of conquered territories citizenship (so they can rise through system usually through army, then they can become consuls and other high percentages). Most people in senate by end of third century had greek names - People they want to coopt (elites of gaul Germany Britain etc) Notes: - Britain, roman empire trades with countries and peoples of its borders. South Britain was integrated with roman economy - Suetonius (Claudius), tries to explain who Claudius was (the disabled emperor), he only did one campaign which was disappointing. He chooses Britain to associate himself with Julius ceaser (what Suetonius thinks, he also thinks that it was in state of unrest).
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