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Michael J.Dewar

Cla233 – lecture 2 - Male dominatation in roman literature, some women but not prominent (only one line for poetry written by women) - School boys were taught history in order to learn how to be a good roman male citizen (also meant be a good warrior) - Romans thought much myth about themselves rather than true o No one knows whether or not mucius scaevola lived - Rome founded in 8 century bc, started with kings as rulers, first 7 kings have no proof of existence o Romulus was first king, people say they got name of rome from him but Romulus means “guy from rome” o Kings were famous afor certain things, Romulus was a warrior, next was religious, after that the king was a son of a slave, 5 and 7 kingsth weren’t roman they were Etruscan o Last king was tarquin the proud, last king because roman populace thought kings were tyrants - Romans ended up driving out their kings and declaring a republic, tarquin fled to Tuscany and asked his cousin porsena to help bring him back to power - Romans ended up being besieged, romans liked stories about enemies that you could respect (best kind of enemy was one that respected/knew the specialness of roman virtues) - People back then were allowed to write historical fiction, imagined what it would be like to be mucius scaevola - Mucius scaevola went to senate to approve a plan to go behind enemy lines (senex means old men in latin, council of elders), senate is highest ruling body in rome. If he didn’t then they might think hes joining the other side - Perfectly honorable and acceptable for roman soldier to kill his enemy and strip his body, mucius said he is doing his plan for the community and for rome (all of these things he wanted to do were virtuous according to roman tradition) - Secretary dresses exactly like king, this shows romans that porsena is very down to earth (etruscans were known to be very lavish and luxurious) - Romans know how to act and to endure with courage (most important line in story) - Mucius lies about having a long line of people who will do the same thing as him, which is try to assassinate the king - Right hand is holy hand, left hand is
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