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Lecture 8

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Michael J.Dewar

Cla233 – lecture 8 (first after test), housing - Villa in latin means farmhouse, could be small or enormous - insula is an apartment dwelling, impossible in practice to know everything about housing but jones and sidwell make educated deductions - In countryside people would live in varying villas, in towns there was a domus/atrium house or apartment insula (space was like Toronto so apartmentsd were more economical) o People in different social classes would live in the same insula, domus is not only inhabited by rich people and their slaves - Houses wouldn’t have many windows (crime is very common, constructed for defence), heavy carefully constructed, domus functions as a sort of border for pater familias - If you stand in front of the walls there is a narrow doorway (fauces), beyond the doorway there is the atrium (roof doesn’t cover entire space, big space in middle like westmount), atrium is originally where hearth was kept (artria means blackened by smoke), the atrium is the public space of the house (where family will deal with the public). Impluvium is opening in doorway for water and light, tablinum (room behind atrium) is where you would keep family records/documents (could also deal with visitors there). - Further in the house you could go the more honored you were by the family. Smaller rooms in the back would msotliekly be used by business, btut general rule is that the further you get to the back o the house the more private it was (dining rooms were at the back). Peristyle is a greek name so its more refined, more like a luxury garden (where you retreat, plant trees put up statues patio furniture). If you were rich enough you would have 3 or more dining rooms - Not many romans would have a kitchen (fast food places in domus) - Much of the business of women in the house would be inside the domus (take care of the cleaning in the housework, supervise slave or do it themselves, also educate daughter) o How to do housework, depending on status she might be taught reading writing etc o What women did during the day was unclear, males would receive their clients in the atrium (women might set up loom in atrium or set in back, we cant know) o Way that house operates is family space, but is partially oipen during the day depending on sttaus of people visiting o Jones and sidwell say its impossible to who lived in the domus (not clear whether it was common for adult children to live with their familises, how many bedrooms would be for guests, how many slaves etc). fundamentally important - Insula get bad press even though they were a remarkable feat of engineering (6 stories high back them). Built with mix o brick and concrete, intricate, but uncomfortable and unpleasant, inslua means island (island in city). Not many real life examples because of the change in roman cities
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