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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael J.Dewar

Cla233 – lecture 10 Roman food Annona means big harvest (from latinf or part of the year/season), major investment of imperial wealth and labor(required a lot fo beurocrats), usually you turned up and they got you a bag of grain for which you make your own bread, later the emporer would give very nice bread. Panem et circenses means bread and the circus, the gifts of the emperor, primarily the theatrical entertainment but the emperor would also distrivbute treats (loaves of bread), there would alos be a lottery (money, basket of treats, exotic animals) Romans main sweetener was natural hnoney, they were conniseurs of honey. Interested indifferent flavors (affected by what the bee’s eat, best honey was with thyme outside of Athens). Roman cusine was very bland for the poor people, but they loved spices (sri lanka would sell them spice for insane amounts of gold) Garum, rancid fish pickle (small fish, rub in salt, let it ferment in sun), very strong flavor but use it as a base for cooking. Reoman pallet is fascinated with t his fishy taste (anchovies) and mixing this with sweet things, liquamen means liquid form of garum. Passages: (ovid the love poet wrote this, weird?)Peasant food at its very best, eating olives is pure and innocent (Minerva reference) so the peassants are not corrupt like the people form the cities, didn’t have silver so used earthenware, yellow wax was put on glasses to stop the leakage into wood and romans liked the smell (tatse of wine influenced by scents according to romans). Latin for second course is “Second table” yo would searve people in small tables then change tables for every course. Apart from the bacon everything is vegetarian, asccess to meats for poor people is very hard. They don’t give their everyday food to guests (grains, beans). Although its charming you can say that they are very poor (want to give guests their best but not starve themselves). Remember, the gods were testing the human race (whether or not to destroy them) bnut this peasant couple reinforced their belief that the humans should survive. Luxury food at its best, takes time during emperors feast with nutritional food as gifts, dainties raiing the line means there were food on lines and slaves wold shake them to get treats to peasants (romans suually didn’t eat breakfast), dew that falls down is metaphor for the fruits. Mannikins are roman verson of gingerbread men, statius said that this is the bounty of the roman empire (thanks to glory of roman power you can eat the best fruit form the east brought in specially, very pretentious) (
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