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Lecture 12

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Michael J.Dewar

Cla233 – circus - Three times in the circus where activites would change (demonstration of power of state, keep people safe). Show that the emperor could protect you from these wild animals and could show you how the roman state surpassed boundaries with exotic animals o Morning would be venation (the hunters), like cato from first lecture o Lunch would be executions (supplicia) and they could get very gruesome, but these could be the worst possible criminals so it was okay in their mind. People who killed their fathers and arsonists were considered equal in disgust (fire was bad problem), these arsonsists were set on fire themselves. Also showed emperors power and his seriousness in keeping people safe (nature tamed, criminals punished, important to be seen) o The gladiatorial conquest was the odd one out, they are admired for their skill and courage (not every gladiator was a slave). People at bottom of society showing courage can redeem themselves. Gladiators who were good enough would be given their freedom and become citizens, therefore become part of audience. The “roman dream” - Ludi is term reserved for religious festivals (literally means “game”). Gladiatoriasl games were free gift, special treat. Munera means duties and giving gifts as a duty in honour of deceased relative, then gifts to people - Gladiator fights were done with music, you speedup as they move faster and quieter when they step aside. 2 gladiators are mismatched but equal in advantages / disadvantages but it all ends up on skill - Gladiator school was named after nero even though they ha
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