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Lecture 13

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University of Toronto St. George
Michael J.Dewar

Cla233 – lecture 13 (literature) - Rhyme wasn’t important to roman poetry, was supposed to be metrical (composed in some sort of meter), metron is a foot (long to short syllables) - Most popular meters were dactylic hexameter (one long syllable and then two short syllables, 6 in a line) and Elegiac couplets - There are 5 simplified genres in rome, one of which is ethic poetry (stories of heros gods monsters and written in dactylic), satire, didactic poetry are alos written in dactylic. Elegy (elegiac couplets written on tombstones) but also written for love poems (written in dacyilic hexa then dactylic penta). There is also tragedy/drama (any kind of play), comedy (most indebted to greek poetry, usually about young men in love). Lyric poetry (Horace, festival poems) - Utillitas and voluptas (utility or use vs pleasure or physical pleasure). Has to teach yo while being entertaining. Most people who write poetry in rome where very wealthy (former slaves who are wealthy, aristocracy). - Wasn’t until 3 century bc that latin start written, most was in greek or indebted to greeks - Romans didn’t mind suing greek poetry in their works, but just translating is bad to them Greek sources: - Terence’s complicated funny play, Terence takes the opportunity to respond to his literary rivals (luscious). Luscious thought that you should just trabnslate and not make variation, but Terence thought you should adapt and add to the poetry. Some passages from aeneid: - Most romans weren’t as harsh about greece as cato was (thought Greece would corrupt romans values and morals). Roman poetry is mostly going to have utilitas towards roman ideals, greek poetry doesn’t have that (if you spend more time with it you will destroy your roman ideals). - Virgil wrote things before aeneid to become more famous, (analogs are last of pastoral poetry, also wrote georgics which were about agriculture, vitivulture, tending of oxen and bees) - Aeneid is unfinished apparently - Aeneid shows how greek traditions needs to be cast off and roman values need to take place (aeneas catss off greek traditions and gets dignitas, mas maorum which is way of the elders etc) - Virgil brings together romoulus myth and aeneas myth (aeneas starts first few colonies of rome). Aeneas is the embodiment of roman character
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