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University of Toronto St. George
Rob Mc Cutcheon

The Death and Afterlife of Roman CultureRomanizationThe process of turning conquered provincials into more romanlike subjects or the voluntaryforced assimilation of conquered peoples into the roman way of lifeo Ex hellenization of the Romans after the conquests of Alexander the GreatNo cultural interaction is unidirectional but is rather a slow negotiation between both cultures The two cultures begin to influence each otherAs a result both sides are changing because of this negation The discrepant identity and resistant adaption models of Romanization provide two examples of this phenomenon People in the upper class might become more roman than those of the lower classesHow do we measure Romanization There are many questions that could constitute a place and people turning roman o The use of roman nameso The use of Latin as the dominant languagepeople may have wrote in Latin but could have used a different language as they spoke o The appearance of roman architectural forms o The synchronization of local deities with roman onesIn general scholars are interested in the west and Northern Africa rather than the eastern empire when it comes to discussing romanizationIn the west because there is a strong literay tradition scholars generally use the material remains of these societies in order to judge the transformations to the culture Scholars usually use the adoption of roman pottery and villas by the rich as methods of the romanization of the people Examples of RomanizationThe spread of roman villas in comparison to the British roundhouse A British roundhouse is a domestic architecture prior to the roman invasion under Claudius The roundhouse is a symbol of native British culture Under roman rule homes began to be rectangular and atriums began to spring in the homes of the British upper class Some upper class Britains would actually own both a rectangular roman home and a British roundhouse Divine marriages between Roman gods and Celtic gods particularly Mercury and Rosmerta This usually occurred in Gaul Rosmerta is an important fertility god in the Gallic tradition Then Roman male god would symbolize the superiority of the Romans towards the Gauls In Gaul the female gods were actually superior to the male gods The marriage of a Gaullic female god symbolized their resistance to the Romans The Epigraphic Habit in Roman Britain Romans loved to place inscriptions pretty much wherever they went The Third Century CrisisFollowing the collapse of the Severan dynasty the Roman Empire entered into a period of extreme stress under the combined pressures of invasion civil war plagues and economic depressionThe crisis of the third century begins with the assassination of the Emperor Alexander Severus in 235 CE He was actually killed by the roman army His death marks the constant instability of civil war Over twenty men between 235 and 284 considered themselves emperorsEventually there became an entire separate eastern empire
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