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Rob Mc Cutcheon

The Mythical Foundations of RomeTitus Livius Patavinus LivyHe has often come into disrepute for not being an accurate historianso Was that his goalYet his work offers an interesting view into what Romans believed happened at the start of their civilizationo Not the multiple versions of events he offersI work from the theory that these origin stories remain popular because people found them relevant to issuesanxieties relating what it meant to be roman Based some histories on Pictor o About 200 BCE What historians thought as necessities for their writingo Necessity to patch over chronological gaps Some sort of continuity o A need to make ancient history interesting Didnt questions sources but would rather use them to make their own history more artistico To make it didactic that is make it so that a lessons can be learned from itLivy states that the point of history was to be didactic o Linked to the idea of Rome declining from their roman age and what they can do to return to it The is this exceptionally beneficial and fruitful advantage to be derived from the study of the past that you see set in the clear light of historical truth examples of every possible type From these you may select for yourself and your country easy to Imitateand also what to avoid as abominable in its origin of as abominable as its outcome o Models of exemplummodels to avoid or models of what you should do Often buildings and monuments had inscriptions stating who built it or whowhat it was dedicated to Death masks in forums of homes to keep the memory of who died within the family Mos MaiorumCustom of the ancestors Looked as the past as a model that they can build upon Romans began to see that they have won all their wars imported great wealth and had no enemies Practice of their ancestors should be prominent factors in political economic and social life Politically base current decisions on what they did in the past Concept made the Romans a very conservative society Essentially arguing for the status quothe privileges of the current oligarchy Livy Book 1A large number of exempla Shows a society constantly waging warCompetition of great men for powerDiscusses the conflicting role of women The influence of outside populations o Rome is not liKe Athens but rather different ethnic groups integrated into a larger political whole
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