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book 1 livy

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Erik Gunderson

Naevius did the whole epic poet thing, a foreunner to livy. Romans like to tell their entire history from mythology to their time, how the past relates to the present. Set of poets from the imperial age, virgils aeneid. Ovid, metamorphoses, poem about change, historical change. Reconceptualises the epic. These two are the most influential to lucan. Lucan is in the time of nero, does the history of the death of rome. Flavian poets have less political projects, much more greek myth. Silius Italicus writes about the punic wars centuries later. Death of lucan comes before the death of nero, probably because of his actions as a poet. Nero was probably pissed about lucan. Lucan is forced to kill himself. When we talk about the civil wars, lucan is concerned with moral and psychological questions, and even cosmic questions. Next time, what does Caesar focus on? Focuses on the luxurious and decedent Rome. All of lucan, he has these speeches that are supposed to be key notes in the texts. Book 1 Of war I sing . . . Romans sing of war, this song of war is different, its that of civil war. Its disgusting not glorious war. Whateve
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