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Livy Book 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Erik Gunderson

CLA233: Week 2: Lecture 1 BACKGROUND INFORMATION Roman Expansion Southern Front -Carthage -Three major wars: 264-241; 218-201; 149-146BC -2nd Punic war sees the invasion and devastation of Italy itself -3rd Punic war results in destruction of Carthage Eastern Front -Greece: -Macedonian Wars (215-148BC) -series of interventions -liberated Greece is a protectorate -Egypt: -Ptolemaic rulers propped up by Rome -land in Asia minor bequeathed to Rome (133) -Livy portrays Romans as friends helping friends out rather than as aggressive imperialists, which is likely more historically accurate Northern and Western Fronts -Spanish provinces in 197BC -Intervention in and annexation of southern Gaul in 121BC -Gallic wars 58-51BC (Caesar is general) -another case of friends but the Romans never actually leave -Livys story (friends helping friends) vs. historical approach (imperialists) Archaic Roman Society -Livy gives us a narrative take -historically considered hierarchical, aristocratic community -had tribes, Etruscan names -people of Rome conceived as fighting organization; original term for people meant army of Rome -closed aristocracy at first, patricians have monopoly on political and religious rites -second book looks at how this organization changed -Roman constitution was an object of constant struggle, always changing and subject to power shifts -family theme; slaves included in the family -clients included in patrons family
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