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october 24 notes

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Computer Science
Michelle Craig

 Text file treated as an import o If file not in same directory  full directory given instead ex. ‘c:\\users\\folder\\file’  Can only interact with file in one way at a time, read ‘r’ or write ‘w’ or append ‘a’ o Must close file before switching between two interaction types >>> filename = raw_input("please enter the name of a file") please enter the name of a filestory.txt >>> filename 'story.txt' # only works if its in the same directory >>> type(filename) >>> open(filename,'r') # entering the filename as a string also works o File assigned to a variable, not the texts inside >>> my_story = open(filename,'r') # r = read >>> type(my_story) o Reader starts at the beginning of the file o Readline gives the string in the line in the shell o Readline continues the reader to next line, stays there  resets to begining when the variable the file is assigned to is called & file opened >>> line = my_story.readline() >>> type(line) >>> line 'Once upon a time there was a curious little girl\n' >>> line = my_story.readline() # call my_story.readline() would move the reader down >>> line 'named Goldilocks. Goldilocks lived near the woods\n' >>> line = my_story.readline() >>> line 'and loved to go exploring.\n' >>> my_story #reader resets, no need to close first >>> line = my_story.readline() >>> line 'Once upon a time there was a curious little girl\n' >>> my_story.readline() '\n' # indicts a blank line, ie. header or line btwn paragraphs >>> line = my_story.readline() >>> line = my_story.readline() >>> line = my_story.readline() >>> line = my_story.readline() >>> line '' # gives blank string when exceed the length of the file, ie. out of lines to read >>> my_story.close()  read character by character >>> f = open('story.txt','r') >>> bit = #first ten characters >>> bit 'Once upon ' >>> bit = #first 20 th characters after the first ten, reader moved >>> bit 'a time there was a c' >>> bit = >>> bit 'urious little girl\nn' >>> print bit # note the difference when its called in shell and when its prints urious little girl n >>> f.close()  for loop with text file  the whole file one line at a time >>> f = open('story.txt') >>> for line in f: ... print line ... # do whatever you want with str line ... Once upon a time there was a curious little girl named Goldilocks. Goldilocks lived near the woods and loved to go exploring. One day Goldilocks came upon a c
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