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Tahnan Hossain Student # 998082658 The holy book of Qur’an is the most important book for any person who follows Islam. It’s not only a spiritual book to follow for the Muslim but also a historic book, which describes the foundation of Islam and the Muslim community also stories of Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) and other prophets whose tremendous contribution helped towards the Muslim community. The holy Qur’an consists all the rules, regulations, and restrictions on Islam. But sometimes these rules and regulations cause violation such as jihad, discrimination against women etc. But in the Qur’an it clearly states that Islam is a belief of peace and men and women are equivalent. This proposal will talk about why Islamic rules and restriction being questioned for being violent. Is Qur’an actually asking to kill all the innocent non-Muslims? Is Qur’an actually says that women cannot work or get out as men? In the article “What is Jihad”, the author Huda actually answered the question what is the actual definition of the term “Jihad”. In the article the author stated different Qur’an verses and explained that Jihad is the war against the non-believers. But he also explained what Qur’an says about the peaceful non-Muslims. He explained a verse from the Qur’an that it says if the non- Muslims are peaceful and indifference to Islam, there is no reason to declare war against them. (Huda) “Islam, Women and Violence” is another article by Anna King where she suggested the tension between the acceptance between the society and the Qur’ans roles and rights of women. For example it’s illegal in some Muslim countries to drive or to move freely outside. In the article the author argued the on going battle against the western “imperialism”. She also argued that both the private and public perspectives needed be changed in order to made safe for all Muslim Tahnan Hossain Student # 998082658 women. And according to her this can only be accomplished by the full recognition of women's rights captured by the law and all the aspects of public life. (king , 2009) Finally in this Robert Rozehnal summarized seven chapters of the article “Islam and violence” by Gabriele Marranci. In his study Gabriele turned his observation over the huge groups of Muslim immigrants in the Europe. In his study he expressed Jihad and its role in a Muslim’s life in many different point o
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