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Computer Science
Diane Horton

SEPTEMBER 19  Types are Critical o Python uses “duck typing”, doesn’t need to declare type for variable  Types are checked at runtime, and any object with the appropriate capalities (methods) is legal o Java tries to catch errors early, so it checks types before the program is run  This means that some code that could work if the program was run will be ruled illegal  Require casting when pulling items of out Object array  Defining methods o Must have a return type declared  Use void if there is nothing return o To leave a method:  Return expression to return something  Return if there’s nothing to return  A method returns ETC  Parameters o You pass what’s in the box  If a reference type you are passing a reference (just like Python)  If a primitive, you are passing the value (Python can’t do anything like this) o This has crucial implications  You must be aware of whether you are passing a primitive or object  Classes o Instance Variables and Static Variable  Name and starBellied are instance variable  howMany is a static or class variable  SAYING is (static and) final so it’s OK to make it public, never going to change and variable can’t be reassigned  If there’s also a good reason to do that  Convention to capitalize final variables  If indicated static, its static variable,  You can mix instance variable and class variable declarations with method definitions in any order you like  If an instance variable is private, how can client code use it? Why not make everything public  Protect internal details,  Encapsulating  Think of your class as provindg an abstraction or a service  Hide the implementation details
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