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13 Oct 2015

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Introduction of meta-theatrical framework introduction of storytellers, christopher sly, the lord, and comic elements. Introduction of main plot between petruchio and katherine: introduction of parallel plots of bianca and her suitors, use of disguises begins. Development/rising action katherine"s shrewish character is exposed katherine"s wedding is arranged competition for. Further developments petruchio behaves badly at his own wedding; begins to tame katherine. Climax petruchio transforms katherine into a submissive wife: hortensio learns from petruchio. Falling action and conclusion disguises are revealed: katherine publicly displays her obedience to her husband, she delivers a monologue on the duties of a wife, petruchio"s taming of katherine is complete. Induction presents the character transformation of christopher sly. Impersonation of lucentio and vincentio by tranio and the merchant, respectively tranio impersonates lucentio and convinces the merchant to play the role of vincentio in order to secure the dowry of bianca. Confrontation between the true vincentio and the merchant pretending to be.

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