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The Catcher in the Rye - Reference Guides

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TM permacharts The Catcher in the Rye BackgroundSummary Holden Caulfield, a 16yearold New Yorker, is telling a psychoanalyst in HAPTER ONEHAPTER SEVENHAPTER THIRTEENHAPTER TWENTY CCCC California about several days the previous year; we do not learn that he is in Introduces narrator and main Holden goes to Ackleys room Holden walks back to his hotel Holden gets drunk, walks through he hospital until the end of the novel t character; establishment of stylewith a bloody nose; he wishes heand arranges to spend time with entral Park, and breaks C ere dead prostitute, Sunny; he changes Novel is written as if spoken wa Phoebes record Before the Christmas holidays, his mind and just wants to talk, olden is expelled from Pencey Theme of sexuality is raised when You addressed by Caulfield is both the psychoanalyst and the reader H Thinks about Allies grave and but she refuses Prep School, which is located in he thinks about Stradlaters date Heaven Retrospective monologue which traces Holdens quest for truth Agerstown, Pennsylvania Scene between Holden and Disappearanceretreat from world HE QUEST T CHAPTER TWENTYONE unny is indicative of her S Theme of phoniness is attached is considered; he asks Ackley At first, it is a search for absolutes Various minor characters: innocence gone wrong and his Holden goes to his parents o the school ow to join a monastery t h (i.e., something is either phony orMr. Spencer, Robert Ackley discomfort with sex partment to see Phoebe a Holden does not want to attend Holden decides to leave Pencey uthentic) a Establishment of themes We learn that he is a virgin; Her innocence is shown through the last football game of the year; that night; he packs, takes his Salinger hints that authenticity and herefore, most of his womanizing t Holdens contemplation of her he watches from Thomsen Hill money and yells Sleep tight, ya Chapters 925 phoniness work in tandem to define is a mask for his insecurity school notebook orons!, and then almost falls m Fear of disappearing; a link to Take place on the way to and in one another on his way out He talks with her; she says that eath theme d HAPTER FOURTEEN C New York Holden subconsciously recognizes heir father will kill Holden for t He says goodbye to Mr. Spencer, Considers religion and reveals HAPTER EIGHT C Introduce two major characters: he gray areas of life (i.e., kind to t getting kicked out of school his history teacher his opinion that the Disciples, hoebe, Mr. Antolini P He gets on a train for New York Mr. Spencer and Ackley, sad at Phoebe will not listen to his hen Jesus was alive, were w leaving Pencey, misses the people Various minor characters: He tries to pick up a schoolmates explanations (i.e., a breakdown in CHAPTER TWO useless e has known) h Sally Hayes, Carl Luce, Sunny, mother, who happens to be on ommunication) c Authority theme is introduced via Holden is forced to pay double Maurice he train; he lies about his name t In early chapters, it seems that he r. Spencer, who discusses the M the agreed amount for Sunny by and makes up an elaborate story will only seek innocence and HAPTER TWENTYTWO C Develop and resolve themes importance of doing well at aurice, the hotel elevator M for her regarding the popularity of authenticity; however, he learns that Eventually, Holden and Phoebe school; he berates Holden by Chapter 26 operator; it shows Holden er son h honiness, although pervasive, does p discuss Pencey aking him read his history m protecting himself as an innocent Acts as an epilogue (four not make life meaningless Example of narrators unreliability exam out loud Novels title is fully explained nd it also shows a darker side of a paragraphs long); it indicates that with a death theme (i.e., he tells Novel has two main parts and an Mr. Spencer is stern but the phony He thinks about James Castle, olden is in psychotherapy and he H her that he is going home for epilogue authentic; he is clear about his boy he knew who killed himself a is getting ready to go back to school Holden pretends that he has hristmas early to have a brain C xpectations e (death theme) Chapters 18 been shot; he acts like someone When asked if he will apply himself, tumor removed) Death theme is introduced in n a movie i Describe Holdens departure from he says that people never know CHAPTER TWENTYTHREE Holdens thoughts (i.e., he HAPTER NINE C (and feelings about) Pencey Prep hat they are going to do until they w Death theme is developed; wonders what happens to the He phones Mr. Antolini, a former chool S Holden arrives in the city are doing it he remarks that he feels like ucks in Central Park during the d English teacher, who invites him jumping out the window Introduce four major characters: His sense of being isolated is Holden admits that he misses all of winter months) over to his place Holden, Allie (younger brother who introduced; he wonders who he the people about whom he has CHAPTER FIFTEEN Holden dances with Phoebe died of leukemia in 1946), Ward hould phone s poken s HAPTER THREE C Holden makes a date with Sally tradlater, Jane Gallagher S Parents return; he is forced to He asks a cab driver what Holden tells us that he is a liar; ayes to see a play H ide in the closet h happens to the ducks when the question of truthreliability raised He has breakfast with two nuns pond freezes; themes of Holden, suddenly upset, cries His lying does not make him a (innocent and authentic); they isappearance and death d hony because he sees it as p Gives his sister the red hunting Themes discuss Romeo and Juliet, and Checks into the Edmont Hotel harmless (i.e., his awareness of cap hen he gives them money t lying shows a desire to do away He watches people through INNOCENCE AUTHENTICITY One of his more positive with social masks and seek truth) CHAPTER TWENTYFOUR window, admitting that he is a Holdens quest for Truth involves an active search for innocence experiences in the city sex maniac Mr. Antolini gives Holden advice Symbol of red hunting hat, which m If his quest for Truth fails, then he will not be a fulfilled person (Ch. 24) about having a meaningful career Holden likes to wear backwards, CHAPTER SIXTEEN Holden decides to phone a girl Represented mainly by Allie (Ch. 5) and Phoebe (Ch. 10, 21) instead of dying nobly for a great is introduced o mentioned by one of his friends; Walking towards Broadway to buy Also present
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