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Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

Feb 09 11Dramay Anton Chekov 18601904 y Born in a small town in the black sea y In 1879 lived in Moscow y He grew up in the new modern world of middle class y His father was a merchant y His grandma was a surf y Freedom is another crucial aspect of this play y Fierce regards freedom as a catastrophe y Wrote in multiple genres y He married the women who was in a lot of his plays when they were performed y Stomach cancer killed him y Constantin Stainslaki Taught his actors to be more natural on stage y 1988 he established an art theatre and paired up with Checkov y The Abby theatre privilege the work of the writers they didnt make block buster hits but it focused more on the play writers y Stage direction it is set in the nursery y Something ironic here a place where things foster grow ppl babies plants etc place of nurturance place of innocence the ppl are already grown in the play and the reference back to when they would play and do we in the nursery y The large windows rep the orchard that is outside they see the orchard thru the w
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