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University of Toronto St. George
Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

March 9 drama lectureimportant woman of schewan y Alienation effect break sup this illusion effect were supposed to b aware of how the story is not together Be aware of the structure y Defamiliarizing making characters strange alienating then makes them seems remarkable to us y He wants us to think of the theatre as a courtroom audience is supposed to function as judges y Uses interruptions clear separations of elements in the play y He wants to break the sense of totalityy He offers contradictions not one coherent character y He sets this play in a distant play y His work makes sense in a very particular historical kind of way y Describe a way the audience should see his theatre y Play springs from duality and springs itself out through paradox and it is unresolved in the end y Play about connections and contradictions between goodness and individual actions y The author rejects moral platitudes y Importance of sacrifice y 1025 the disguised cousin says hes only coming to visit once but he comes on more then once throughout the play like smoking habit u try it once and then again and again etc y Throughout the play she keeps saying that itll be the last time but as the play goes we see that she cant live without him
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