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University of Toronto St. George
Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

Feb 14 Dramay Cherry Orchidtriviality y Representation of work making theatre as a set of work labour vs work labour doesnt have a beginning or end you work to keep a roof over your head work makes us human it becomes repetitive work in the CO is the continuous isolation from the external and internal work contiounous action rather than a discrete action it doesnt have a beginning or end Lopakin feels like a fish out of water when he takes a break from work at the beginning of the play workhabitual repetitive etc work is something for the future ex Lopakin buys the estate and that equals more work for the future Lopakin is the only one who actually works in CO the return of outsiders disturbers the insiders world Anya at the end says shell work go to school and help her mom get money etc y Lopakin is something of imagination hes bent on altering the world he is resistant of being altered he still sees himself the peasant he feels like he cnt change himself into something better but he can change the world into something better y Importance of hands it mediates a relationship between ppl a way of interaction hands is what makes the world goes round kind of thing y Reading is vital in cre
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