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Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

Miss Julie Reading Notes  Jean walks in saying that MJ is wild when she dances with him that night esp.  Christine blames MJ wildness on her being on her period  Jeans dad worked as a farmhand on the district attorneys estate, next door to yours.  Jean tells MJ he use to see her when she was little but MJ nvr noticed him  MJ says Christine talks in her sleep and shell make a bad wife Jean says reverse  MJ starts to seduce Jean telling him to kiss her hand  Jean tells MJ that they have to be aware becuz of the public/society  Jean tells MJ how he fell in love with her pg 690  There is a class diff btwn them, she is of higher class than he is  MJ says: the man i offered my love to was a beast! (she had been married b4)  MJ tells Jean that she wants to see the sun rise and for him to take her to see it and Jean tells her it isn’t wise for everyone in the city will c them together  MJ gets drunk  Jean suggests him and MJ to runaway together he describes how it’ll be if they do run away together pg 693  Jean plays with MJs feelings and MJ wants to end her life
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