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Lecture 1 - intro to glg105

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Earth Sciences
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September 13 2010 Lecture 1 Instructor: Charly Bank (U of T department of geology) room 2107, Earth Science building (Huron & Russell) Office hours: W 3:30-4:30, after class, by appointment, 2,[email protected] (please mark as GLG105) ;,O:,9L43 2x 20% term tests Final exam 45% One homework assignment +420Z47N Two page essay focusing on one scientist - Who is she? (how did she become a scientist?) - When (in what context did she live?) - What did she contribute - Why is this contribution significant to geology - Inge Lehmann, Mary Anning, Alice Wilson, Florence Bascorn Text on website notes by Dick Bailey Links to trustworthy websites 4:780 Tell us the correct answers and wrong answers of the past Perspective maybe the concept that we are learning might not be considered correct in the future A controversy active about 60 years ago will be discussed $.450 The scope of this course is to study the ideas of the pasts What can we learn? Ideas about how our planet works Thoughts that prevailed at the tine are to be studied by this course Historic ideas about origin and development of Earth Contributes to Earth science by famous scientist within a historic context Maps of earth 4.:8419K0.4:780 Thought process in science Earth science as an example Earth science has evolved over time Story of ideas How did they adapt these, how did they refute them?; Why do scientist think in a certain way? What evidence do they use to back up their claims? How did they counter act them? Why did ppl rethink these ideas?
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