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Geology Lecture 1

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Earth Sciences
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Charley Bank

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GLG110H1S1 Lecture 2Experiment Video Record beaker with an ice cube Water comes up to about 300 ml with a large ice cube in it My prediction Water level will fall Density and Isostasy Plate Tectonics Plant Earth What features do we recognize on Earths surface The two key features of the earth arey Continentsj 300 m above sea levelj Mountain beltsj Shelf Marks boundaryy Oceansj 4 km deepj Midocean ridgesj Deep 10 km trenchesj Volcanic Island chains best known are the Hawaiian Islandsj Plateaus Shallower but never make it above sea level Plate Boundaries There tend to be edges of continents that line up The location of volcanoes can hint to where the continents used to line up A similar pattern is when we look at the location of earthquakesy Both volcano and earthquake locations tend to line upy Also the midocean ridges are locations of earthquakes Divergent Plate Boundariesy These two continents move apart and the materials below will flow up and attach to the edges of these plates
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