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East Asian Studies
Prof Falkenham

EAS 345 Lecture 1 – The rise of Greater China: Definitions and Perspectives 1.) Essay type questions for exams 2.) 2 Historical Value in China’s Timeline a. Dang Shau Pin b. 3.) Course Outline – Intense a. Separate Culture – That is his specialty b. Argument – in the middle of the 19 century – West Faillian c. Tian Xia – (anciently speaking) d. Right now it is known modern state of nation. This is how they call it now e. Chinese is marketing their world as tian xia as a harmonic world. “Don’’t worry we’re not going to rule the world” f. Hedgime – BA - they do not need to be a BA i. Yellow Empire - ii. MIT scholar – Chinese Nationalism Book iii. Henrietta Harrison – Discuss culture and history. He will tell us what he wants us to take out of this book. Nationalism. Define Nationalism – Benedict Anderson – Star in iv. Inventing of China? – Read the Harrison – Understand the nation value. g. Chairman Mao i. Revolution – socialism 1. Only socialism can save China 2. Only china can save capitalism 3. Hong Kong and Macau – Republic of China. Don Shau Pin’s open door policy. 4. 1970 – party by choice. China was closed to her outside world. h. Buy a Car in Hong Kong – do not buy a convertible. i. Professor studied China from Hong Kong. i. Taiwan – j. Da zhong hua k. Is it right to call it the “greater” china? Japanese Relation Asian prorifury www.notesolution.com Chinese Military didn’t really like the term peaceful – Too undermining Pacific Century Video 16 century – European come to seek help for making tea and weapon to defend themselves – (China) Canons made Dutch superior in war China produced the finest silks in the world o It came t simply be called – CHINA o Tea was irresistible o China was the master civilization King George wanted to trade with China o We are not used to this o Vessel of favor Macau o First chinese conession to foreign countries o 19 centuries – Portuguese took over o most wester
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