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Lecture 3

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East Asian Studies
Sara Osenton

EAS246 Lecture 3 FEB7/2013 Names to Remember: (1) Oda Nobunaga (5) Tokugawa Iemitsu (2) Toyotomi Hideyoshi (6) Tokugawa Ietsuna (3) Tokugawa Ieyasu (7) Tokugawa Tsunayoshi (dog shogun) (4) Tokugawa Hidetada Tokugawa Iemitsu (1604-1651) - First guy with no real connection to a warrior lifestyle - Reigned in 1623-1651 - Hidetada ruled as Oshogu in 1623-1632 - From this point: moving away from actual fighting/bushido people to a more social class structure  they wear their swords as symbol of their status, rather than as a weapon  samurais not exactly seen as warriors anymore - Accomplishment to consolidate his power, to his establish lineage and his family’s prestige  Moves capital to Edo officially  leads to Sankin Kotai  military assistance  Edo already functioning as the head of the Tokugawa family – Iemitsu’s move made it become the official capital and established that lords must live in Edo, as well as coming in to do military service  Difficult to represent Edo  most depictions of Edo shows late Edo not early Edo  Edo emerged as a big, busy city  becomes Tokyo  When you build a big city, you tend to use a large amount of lumber  Edo: clean, maybe a bit dusty  much more regulated  Sankin Kotai  the alternate attendance system  Trips between domains (250) and Edo  1 year in and out of Edo; keep daimyos in control  Accompanied by thousands of vassals and samurai and servants and traipse all the way to Edo in a procession  The families were kept virtually hostage  not kept as prisoners; Daimyos built large houses in Edo, where their families have to live there, as the daimyos went back and forth from domain to Edo  Effective system: lords can’t start rebellion when they can’t save their families; o Each daimyo on a fixed schedule, not everyone visits Edo all at once – staggered o There’s roughly 250 damiyos – generally a procession each day; big, elaborate procession therefore costs money o Therefore, all those lords out in the provinces don’t have enough money to mount a rebellion  Single, most-effective way of maintaining order  it keeps the lords from accumulating funds f
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