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Lecture 5

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East Asian Studies
Sara Osenton

EAS246 Lecture 5 MAR07/2013 Merchants and Artisans - Lives in cities  there’s 3 major cities: (1) Edo – the ultimate castle town  There’s usually one castle in each domain  Its where most vassals lived  Split into castle, homes for nobility and samurai and shops for merchants and artisans (2) Osaka – rice bowl of the country  Stock trading of rice  Merchant city (3) Kyoto - There’s 5 major highways to get from one city to another: Ōshū Kaido, Nikō Kaido, Kōshū Kaido, Nakasendō, and Tokaidō - There’s a post town every 5 to 8 km o Merchants along the streets, artisans at the back o Post towns are small towns  act as ‘pit-stops’ o Depended on peasant corvee labour (?) o There’s inns, shops, stables, etc - There’s an extensive system of water transport to move/transport from city to city Books - There’s different kind
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