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Lecture 2

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East Asian Studies
Linda Rui Feng

EAS397 LECTURE 2 24-1-2014 Lecture Outlines: • Missionaries, global trade- lots of change and trade across the world especially in silver and commodities • Assignment as rather skeletal form of paper (start getting quotes) • Quiz next week on readings • Discussion material- What conclusions can we draw to these pieces? What kind of world did he live in and how did we know? How can we know what he was thinking about? Group Topics: -strong social heiarchy and class division (evidenced by the story teller, different boats in the 15 night, crab parties, rice provided from a certain area) -exuberance and high art/ culture only enjoyed by those at the top- tea as elite culture? -prose as dreamy, reminiscence style- reminiscence of the Ming’s power/ and decline? -quantified amounts of money spent on this lifestyle- implicit saying to the Ming reader of Zhang Dai’s class Class Discussion Topics: -Zhang Dai as crazy, unrestrained -lives the world as his own, not inhibited -prose describing temporal movement (e.g day to night), but also different places -always meeting new people -passion driven by curiosity -always in touch with tradition -the importance of servants (social class?) -an observant man? Views the world, and people -knowledge is valued and used to communicate & entertain -doesn’t mix well with other classes- different kind of distance in which he
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