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Lecture 6

EAS103H1 Lecture 6: How to run the state

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East Asian Studies
Linda Rui Feng

EAS103 – Lecture 6 What system of thinking should help run the state? • The answer will look very different • Taoism, or Buddhism, or Confucianism o each of these kinds of thinking has helped the ruling class o example, the empire made commentary on one of the Daoist classics • The tang civil service examination included a subject • Buddhism was also one important aspect of the ideology • The benefit from each other’s competition • Buddhism, the Empress was able to take power during early Tang o She upheld the “great clouds sutra” o The Buddha would be reincarnated as a female monarch o And one of her followers said the monarch was her o Prominent examples of someone who is unorthodox to rise to power when the rulers didn’t allow that way of ruling power so this was one of the many ways she used to legitimize her rules • Many of the other emperors had built temples, dedicated special Buddhist statues • Buddhism in the Tang was developing unique characteristics adapted to Chinese empire o The platform sutra of the 6 patriarch o Important because he was illiterate but able to achieve enlightenment without resorting to study the sutra o This was a big change in understanding past to enlightenment Who should help run the state? • Aristocrats/powerful families o The bone rank system in Korea o Aristocratic system where your blood line determines how much power you have o The prestige of the family were able to rival • Civil Service Examination Recruits o We have this s
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