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Lecture Notes for Oct. 12, 2010

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University of Toronto St. George
East Asian Studies
Eric Cazdyn

EAS209 2010-10-12 Geography and Space Today o ^][ZOrientalism ~ZK]L[ Lewis and Wigen (how East and West means) Meng Yue (Shanghai as a geographical category J interesting location between the orient and the occident) Next Week o Essay questions given out o Articles J space and city of Tokyo History and Space o ZZ]Z}]}2Z] o}K[ shapes the history written (chosen historiographical form changesproduces history) Two different meanings N Writings of history N The methodsforms by which people write history (more philosophical meaning) o Z2}2Z] o}K[J the ways by which people come to terms, categorize, conceptualize geography Mapping (like periodization in historiography) Ex) A new category J the Pacific rim (East Asia, California, CentralLatin America on the Pacific) N Production of new category produce new connections to what kind of questions are asked, what types of studies are done o Asia Pacific Department; East Asian Department, etc. o Historical categories Ex. Generations, years o Geographical categories Ex. directions- EWSN ^][ZK]Lo]ZK~ o Called into question the neutrality innocence of studies of the others o 2 contradictory references Experts who know too much (reproducing stereotypes and clichs- in a superior way) N Former missionaries, officers (first scholars to study East Asia) N Convince the readers of their expertness JZ}]L[lL}oo}ZZK]L7[ZZKZ}o}2]Z N }L[ }Z]]2L}L o ^][Z]L]]}L}ZZ]L^]Z
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