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Lecture Note for November 30, 2010

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University of Toronto St. George
East Asian Studies
Eric Cazdyn

EAS209 2010-11-30 Today: A Woman Writer, Toshiko Tamura o Body Lu Xun, Diary of Mad Man o Cannibalism Film: 301302 o Body and cannibalism - Exam J next week o Kawashima J recommended (not included) o Blue books o Start at 7:10 o } Z}LZ}oK}^ZE ]]_ o From the essay on ~ o Can incorporate readings from the whole course o Somewhat similar to essay question Make connections between texts o Four questions choose one essay o Could be shown a film obvious connections to the question Compare some of the issues in the clip bring together at least 4 texts on subjectivity o }L[L}KK}]Z}Z-title of essays - Problem of body Z}Z}oZ}ZK]L7[ZZ]Ll]L2ZE o What is the inside and the outside of a subject o ,}}Z}L[ZZ}2Z]LoL }L[Z} - Tetsuo o Binds with body-metal - Film 301, 302 o 2 Korean women living in Seoul, 1995 One J a writer The other J a cook N L[Z}]L2 N Hyper-sensitive relationship to her own body and sexuality o Body figure J central The Woman Writer o Written by a female writer A bit of overlapping o }K]L:LZo]7Z^_}ZL] In which the author and the character gets confused ZZ^_Z Z }KZZ}M
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