Lecture 1 - Introduction

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East Asian Studies
Ken Kawashima

EAS247H History of Capitalism and Modern Japan Lecture 1 Introduction y Is not a study of the history of the nation state of Japan y Rather a global history of capitalism within Japan y Studying the specific economic system of capitalism The Capitalism Commodity Economy y Capitalist Commodity Economy a situation in with every single product of labour are produced as commodities and sold for the purpose of being sold not for their own consumption but to be exchanged on a market y Not only do essential social products of labour take the form of the commodity social relationships themselves take this form Form of the Commodity y Social relations take the form of the commodity y The sale of our ability to work exchange of labour for wages y Human beings and land the two requirements of this system Not originally created as commodities but eventually become them y Welfare state is an expression of the capitalist commodity e
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