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University of Toronto St. George
East Asian Studies
Ken Kawashima

EAS247H History of Capitalism and Modern Japan Lesson 2Introduction Basic Ideas y Live in capitalist commodity world and we perceive it as the be all end all eternal system that never would dies y However the system disavows acknowledges but pushes to the side that it is not an eternal finite system y Capitalism did not originally exist and was created Retrospectively we can argue it had to emerge but it does not mean it will survive into the rest of the future y Point of emergence the historical quality of capitalism the emergence and therefore coming into existence historicity yBecause it was born into this world it has a finitude to it a limit y One question that should be asked Was the coming into being of Capitalism necessary Or was it accidental o Capitalism was bound in so far into a specific combination ofsocial economic cultural elements that did not exist in so far into other spaces in timeo In so far it could not be predict the origins are therefore accidental y The singular
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