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Lecture 8

EAS273H1 Lecture 8: Public and Creative Space

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East Asian Studies
Yanfei Li

EAS273 Lecture 8 Public and Creative Spaces The Visual Turn of Modern Cities: City and Capitalism • Infrastructure – super structure o super structure = cultural institutions and cultural activities in the city • Space as Assets, the Accumulations • he said china was over-accumulating on infrastructures –too many bridges o Fire economy o intra-structure • Space as commodity, the Lure: o Arcade –it’s gone now, but it was a commercial street o Façade o Exposition ▪ a city becomes the host of different international assembly of commerce o Architectural Appearance ▪ important in urban development ▪ close connection with the state power o Space as Power • Leo Lee, Shanghai Modern o Main concerns as a Cultural historian o while modern city is non-Western world often segregated by race “civilizational”, hierarchy, ethnicity class and gender o What was modern about Shanghai? o What answers can the appearance and the superstructure provide? o the exhibitive and the pleasure aspects of the city ▪ architecture ▪ the visual/printed culture in these cities ▪ cinema, performer arts o The Superstructural approach ▪ mapping the city through architectures ▪ styles and appearance ▪ sources of architectural style ▪ 2 visuality: cinema and images • films and old photographs ▪ 3 visuality: printing media • periodicals and books • literary works o Periodizing shanghai ▪
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