EAS100Y1 Lecture Notes - Gwangju Uprising, National Intelligence Service (South Korea), Sunshine Policy

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29 Nov 2010

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1954: kim ys elected for national assembly *1980: arrested by chun *1983: hunger strike 1992: Presidential candidate 1993: civil government (before 1993, was military government) 1994: july. 15th (kim il-sung died july 8th; kim ys had a schedule planned to meet kim il-sung on the 15th) Test: few components (term identification j no point forms, but in essay forms; filling out blanks j date, year, place, etc. ; true and false; one essay question j : z l-z k. Yun po sun (2nd president after syngman rhee) not elected by the popular vote but through. Roh tae woo the first president elected by popular vote. Hunger strike inside the assembly building for about. Kim formed his own political party in order to become a candidate reunification democratic. Real name financial transaction system (d ) need to deposit your money in the banks under your own name only.