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Role of Woman

East Asian Studies
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Andre Schmid

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Lecture 2: Women
A Women is virtuous, only if she is untalented”
After the fall of the Koryo dynasty, the Choson dynasty leadership undertakes radical
reform: Implements Confucianism
Saw that the Koryo dynasty saw not socially arranged
Changed the relationship in a fundamental level
5 levels in the Confucianism – Family is the core
Dynastic shift = shift in gender
What is gender as opposed to sex? What is women’s history as opposed to gender
Sex is biological, social constructed
Why are gender roles naturalized ?
Because it is natural to them
Perhaps not born to them, but overtime it is constructed
How did Choson dynasty rulers changed the role of woman:
Koryo dynasty- family in Korea : 1 husband and had 4 wives
Each women has separate household, did not live under the same roof
Had property- owned it, can pass it down
Husband moved between them
Women can divorce her husband
Can remarry
Equal status among women in the household
^Choson dynasty saw as improper and violated the ritual order, was not the Confucian
Choson Dynasty- Family in Korea: 1 husband and 4 wives
New set up: a Patrilineal line
Had 1 wife that was above the other, subordinate wives became Concubines
Primary wife ->created the heir of the family
All lived in one household
Enters the household of her husband
Not allow to inherit property, only the eldest son is able to inherit
Women is not allowed to divorce the husband, but the husband is allowed to
Husband dies, the wife is not allowed to remarry
It is difficult for the state to control marriage, it took a long time that concubage took
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