Lecture Notes for Oct. 19, 2010

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29 Nov 2010
EAS209 2010-10-19
- Essay Æ due in a month (Nov. 16th)
o Two documents on blackboard
3 essay questions t choose one
x Specific details
Second document: timeline of essay
x When to hand in thesis statement, etc.
o Argumentative/critical/analytic Essay (does not require an outside research)
o Week of November 2nd Æ meet with TA one-on-one (discuss on essay)
- Review of last week:
o Transition into the problem of geography
o Said and Wigen & Lewis Æ interested in how the category of Orient came into being and
how it transformed from one historical period to the next - Pursued the geographical
dimensions Æ go through the Orient and the Occident t production and transformation
of the geographical categories
P}PZ]oP}Ço]lZ][}v}xist, but is actually produced
Connection to structures of power
o Meng Yue Æ Shanghai articulated in three ways in an English tour guide t example of
how three different ways of geographically locating of Shanghai works (one of a flat map
ZP]Ç[UZ}ZÁ}]À]]vPZvtt overlapped territories,
Shanghai t multiple space
- This week:
o Fujitani Æ invented tradition of the emperor system in Japan during the Meiji period
(1868~ 1912); the meaning and political importance of the emperor t quite
contemporary; but at the moment of invention, seems like it has a very long history;
study pneumonic sites; space t absolutely crucial in capturing the new national of a
citizen; surveillance; not just emperor looking at you, but you are looking at the
emperor t own activity as a citizen is invoked Æ making of modern Japan
o Schmid Æ territory of the Korean peninsula Æ separating the link to Korean peninsula
and connecting to Manchuria Æ resist colonial approach of Japan and the Western
powers Æ problem of Geography = heart of political reinterpretations of Korean history;
how is the peninsula defined?
- Next week: last section on geography
o Two films:
Chungking Express (1994) Æ 1997 HK returned to China; occupation; expiration
(when things expire t from a can of pineapple to an expiry date of a nation)
24 city Æ about the city Qiandu(?); transformation from a factory city to a city
with shopping malls, etc. ; change happening in front of our eyes (watching the
development, and changes of geography/ material changes of the landscapes) t
what happens of location and dislocation?
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