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Lecture 12

EAS284H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Gao Xingjian, Signifer, Mo Yan

East Asian Studies
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Yurou Zhong

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Han Shao Gong (continuing…)
language - literature
- Why allow language to take over?
- What does literature do?
- What does modern Chinese literature do?
listen to the record:
some time is not a concrete concert,
for example, Science
Word - World
- over and over, I’ve elaborated and guessed, proved and investigated, struggled like a detective to
discover the stories hidden behind these words, this book is the result (388 quote again)
— go deeper (in record)
nothing is stale
Anchoring the world
- dialect
- more than dialect
- writing local speech sound and local history
- Challenging particularity vs. universality
(rural) - zhu tian wen?
feel of belong - transfer form the political to individual identity?
- The right to narrate history (“speech right”)
rebelling work
“There isn’t really a close synonym for “speech rights” in standard Mandarin, but it was a word
particular importance in the Maqiao vocabulary, signifying linguistic power r in other words the right
to claim a very definite portion of the sum total of linguistic clout. Possessors of speech rights bore
no particular external marker or status, but everyone was aware of their existence… (175)
Summary :
- “root-seeking literature” (Why? A response to what? What does it mean?)
response to revolution literature, Chinese writer looking another way to look out where the Chinese
literature should go?"
- Language a the center for the fictive narrative.
- Sign:Signifer and signified
- Literature matters
relationship between scar fiction and root seeking?
Who is Alfred Nobel
Moyan won Nobel Award in 2012.
the nobel prize in Literature
- 1895
- 1901
- in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction
Two Japanese writers who wins the Nobel.
Kenzaburo Oe
Haunting Question:
Th Chinese Nobel Dream
- Gao Xingjian (2000) 灵
- New Language, New Literature
- Linguistic and literary modernity
From a Sutra: 死疲劳,由贪欲起 (觉经)
Jinlong still has a bit of conscience left. He’d have no problem getting people to kill me the same way
the people in Lingnan County killed their independent farmer. But his heart isn’t in it. He’s hoping I’ll
die in my own If I do, the last black spot in the county, in the province, in all of China, will erase itself.
But I’m not about to die. If they want to kill me, there’s nothing I can do about it, but it’s wishful
thinking to expect me to di on my own. I’m going to live, and live well. China’s going to have to get
used to this black spot!"
- The Making of the Novel Literature Prize
- The Chinese Nobel Dream
- Mo Yan: a complicated case
multiple choices (based on concepts)
paragraph identification
Essay (any pieces)
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